Sunday, 24 April 2016

Why I don't want children..

Some people were born to be mothers. I was not.
From a young age (I'm talking middle school age) I've been adamant I don't want children and I still feel that way now, if not more so. I always said I want cats, not children!
Before I carry on, please remember all of this is my opinion and how I feel, my aim is not to annoy anybody but just to explain why I feel the way I do. 
I'm not entirely sure why I was so sure I didn't want children when I was just a child myself but I'm older now and have several reasons and it isn't just because I don't want to push one out my lady parts!! Thankfully I'm with someone who shares these views and also does not want children.

My mum always told me I'd change my mind. I'd put money on it that she's still hoping I will.

Put simply, children annoy me. There, I said it. Not all children of course (I mean, I love my nieces, nephew and cousins to bits) but the annoying ones that are just relentless, too loud and too grizzley - I'll try to avoid those ones where possible. Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first to point out a family with well behaved children.. But I'll also be the first to moan when a child is screaming, playing up, whining, crying and so on. I can't bear the noise, it goes right through me - how do mothers carry on like they can't hear it?! - What's the secret please??

I enjoy being able to do what I want, when I want. This one is pretty self explanitory but I/we just like to be able to come and go as we please and if you have a child or children it's not always feasible. Plus any money we have is for us, no children means more money for us to do with as we please. Taking children out is so expensive!! We definitely wouldn't be able to go out half as much as we do now.. Sometimes when we're bored, we'll just jump in the car and go for a random drive to the coast or wherever - even if it's really late at night. It's times like this or when we go for peaceful walks that we have great chats about anything and everything, with no interuptions.

As I mentioned above, I love my nieces, nephew and cousins to bits and do really enjoy spoiling them and taking them for days out.. But that's just the fun stuff isn't it, that's the easy part. As much as we love them all, not having to deal with the bad stuff and getting home to a quiet house afterwards is priceless. My mum's always said we'd be great parents, we are both really good with children and we'd give a child a great life but it's just not what we want, we enjoy our peace and quiet!

I/we just don't want to give up our (good) life because we're so happy as we are and don't wish for it to change. What do you get out of being a parent? I asked my mum and all she could say was she wouldn't change me for the world.. But what does she get out of being a mum? What would I get out of being a mum? Pooey nappies, sleepless nights, grumpiness, snotty noses (gag), a messy house, bickering with Aaron, less money, less 'us' time, fewer holidays/weekends away, much less peace and quiet/down time, headaches, constant worry.. and the odd good day with the odd 'I love you.'

Will I ever regret not having children? No. Why? Cause I'll have had freedom.

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