Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I Bought A Dress!?

Anyone that knows me will know I never wear dresses. Infact I would challenge anyone I know to name the last time or even A time they've seen me wearing one aside from work parties, funerals or our engagement party. At my heaviest and being top heavy, I could never find a dress that didn't make me look like a dumpling.. Anything I liked seemed to show off my "donut" of fat round my middle so I ended up avoiding them altogether.

Fast forward to last Sunday, 5 months at Slimming World and over 2 stone gone forever, I grabbed a dress from the "normal" range in New Look, tried it on and fell in love. Just to be shopping in the "normal" range again feels so good but to try on something I've always wanted to wear but never felt comfortable in and love how it looks was just amazing!

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Sure, I still have far more fat on my body than I'm happy with but you don't get to where you want to be over night, it takes time. I'm just so chuffed with how the dress looks and feels, how it doesn't show off my fat but skims over it and hides my lumps and bumps - apart from my boobs, it makes them look pretty good FYI!

It's really comfortable to wear as it has some give without giving the impression that it's going to lose it's shape and because it's a thicker kind of material with 3/4 sleeves it will be perfect for autumn. I plan on wearing it out to dinner a couple of evenings on holiday next week but when I'm back I shall be wearing it with some black tights and black boots. I'm definitely going to be keeping my eyes peeled for more dresses like this - especially now I have a wider choice of shops I can shop in again!

Where's your favourite place to shop? xxx

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Feeling lonely..

I'm sitting at home on my own every evening this week, just like I was last week and just like I will be next week too as Aaron is working away in the big smoke. It's his first time doing over night site work with his company and while it means more money (which we should be greatful for as we go on holiday in less than 2 weeks - hello Crete!) it also means I'm feeling like a little lost lamb!

He worked away for a month in Canada with his last company a few years back which was awful. I cried every single day. It was so hard being limited to about 5-10 minutes on Skype every other day (when he could borrow a laptop) and the odd text message as it was expensive. At least with him being in the same country we can chat on the phone and send messages during the day..

I'm not a very independant person. I could never live on my own, I just don't like it. I haven't slept right through the night since Aarons been away.. It's far too quiet when I first try to sleep - his half snoring as he's drifting off must be some sort of comfort for me! Since we met 6 years ago, we've pretty much been inseperable, never going more than a couple of days without seeing each other and we're so close as a couple which is probably why I don't find it very easy when he's not here.

Do any of you have other halves that work away regularly? If so, what's your secret to coping?! Do tell! I want to be strong and be like "yeah I'm fine!" but he knows me too well anyway! I'm such a soppy bloody donut!! What has upset me this time though is that he's going to be away on my birthday next week which is really crappy. I would invite some friends over if I had any! - Well technically I do but they don't live round here anymore and the others weren't really friends, more "friends" and I stopped being a mug where they're concerned.

Ho hum! xxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Slimming World: Before and After

I thought I'd do a Slimming World before and after post to show you how far I've come so far on my journey. The picture on the left is me a couple of years ago at my heaviest and probably most unhappiest too. The picture on the right is me a couple of weeks ago, almost 3 stones lighter. All of the weight I've lost has been thanks to Slimming World, just over 2 of those were since joining group.

Slimming World before and after

I first gave Slimming World a go from home after hearing how my sisters friend had done so well and had found it relatively easy to stick to.. I tried a few times but I had zero motivation doing it alone. Shortly after we moved back to our hometown, I managed to persuade my sister to join a group with me as I was too scared to go by myself. That was mid-late April and I haven't looked back since!

I strongly believe if I hadn't joined the group, I'd never have been able to do it because it keeps me motivated. Nobody wants to go along to group and hear "Now, you've had a gain this week.. Do you know where it's come from?" you almost feel like you don't want to let the group down, let alone yourself and it's like a bit of a competition with yourself to do well. Do you know what I mean? I still enjoy my food and still have a good (by good I mean big) appetite. I don't feel like I'm depriving myself - if I did then I'd probably have given up already! I'm not at target yet, I have another 10lb to target but I'm pretty sure I'll move the goal post - I'll decide when I get there depending on how I look and feel. I will definitely still stay to group even when I'm at target.

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The group I go to isn't huge, there's around 15-20 of us that actually stay I think but everyone is really nice and friendly. Our consultant is lovely, she's so caring and always there if you need her in and out of group. I had a bit of a wobble a couple of weeks ago as I'd been poorly for 2-3 weeks which made me feel like not bothering and literally ate (on top of a few other syns) a whole bag of giant buttons (31.5 syns FYI!!) then felt guilty so I sent her a message on Facebook, she was so lovely and gave me some great advice and I managed to pull it back by being super good for the rest of the week and lost 2.5lb at weigh in!

As you can see from the picture, I also won woman of the year! I was given some lovely gifts and everybody in group was so kind. I got my 2 stone award that day too so it was a great day for me!

Are any of you on a weight loss journey too? xxx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'm not a "new" blogger..

..but this is a new blog :)

I haven't written a blog post in quite a few months as I've been working, had laptop problems and just generally been busy. The last few weeks I've been thinking how I really want to get back into it but my last blog was left in a bit of a mess (account wise) so I decided it would be a lot easier for me to just leave that one behind and start a fresh. Ta dah!

For anyone that has followed me over to this new blog.. firstly, thank you so much and secondly, here's a bit of an update from while I've been away.

  • I'm still going to Slimming World - I've lost 2 stone 2.5 lb so far and recently won woman of the year!! I've gained a lot of confidence and have been much happier in myself.
  • I'm getting on really well with my parents now and have even become really close to my sister for the first time ever which is so nice.
  • Aaron and I are still going strong and are settling nicely into our new home, we have a new kitchen and new flooring, we just need to decorate now!
  • The kittie boys are fine, Vinnie is as soppy as always and Chester is still a lump!
  • My laptop I last blogged from broke and I lost EVERYTHING. This means I don't have any of my saved fonts, layouts etc from my old blog or even the programs I used! (Thankfully all of my personal pictures are either on Facebook or Dropbox, phew! And music can be downloaded again whenever)

I've still been enjoying reading blogs and watching You Tube videos while I've been away, especially lifestyle ones. Which is what I'm intending on doing here. Snippets of my life, what I've been upto, where I've been, thoughts and feelings.. You know what lifestyle means! :)

Until next time xxx