Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Feeling lonely..

I'm sitting at home on my own every evening this week, just like I was last week and just like I will be next week too as Aaron is working away in the big smoke. It's his first time doing over night site work with his company and while it means more money (which we should be greatful for as we go on holiday in less than 2 weeks - hello Crete!) it also means I'm feeling like a little lost lamb!

He worked away for a month in Canada with his last company a few years back which was awful. I cried every single day. It was so hard being limited to about 5-10 minutes on Skype every other day (when he could borrow a laptop) and the odd text message as it was expensive. At least with him being in the same country we can chat on the phone and send messages during the day..

I'm not a very independant person. I could never live on my own, I just don't like it. I haven't slept right through the night since Aarons been away.. It's far too quiet when I first try to sleep - his half snoring as he's drifting off must be some sort of comfort for me! Since we met 6 years ago, we've pretty much been inseperable, never going more than a couple of days without seeing each other and we're so close as a couple which is probably why I don't find it very easy when he's not here.

Do any of you have other halves that work away regularly? If so, what's your secret to coping?! Do tell! I want to be strong and be like "yeah I'm fine!" but he knows me too well anyway! I'm such a soppy bloody donut!! What has upset me this time though is that he's going to be away on my birthday next week which is really crappy. I would invite some friends over if I had any! - Well technically I do but they don't live round here anymore and the others weren't really friends, more "friends" and I stopped being a mug where they're concerned.

Ho hum! xxx

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  1. I know this feeling all to well Hunny the month Steve did away was a killer and even though I could drive to see him it did only mean a few hours and I couldn't afford the petrol to do it lots.
    I cried every single day he was away and even when I come off the phone to him I was in floods of tears because I missed him.

    I'm not a very independent person either and hate being home